Who Can File For Bankruptcy – Do You Qualify to File For Bankruptcy?


Want to know who can file bankruptcy? Very simply, this is not for everybody, as you definitely have to meet certain income and debt levels in order to file. Here is some important information to help you make that determination.The first and most popular form of bankruptcy to file for is known as chapter 7, and is something most people are familiar with. This is where your personal belongings (everything that is not exempt from this process) are liquidate in order to pay off your creditors.The good news is, you get a clean slate. If your stuff is not worth enough to pay off all your bills, the rest if completely exonerated, and you can start anew. The bad news, of course, is that you will often times be left homeless, car-less, and without many other of your prized possessions.Who can file for this form of bankruptcy? It all depends on the personal situation surrounding the case. Very simply, there are no specific income and liability levels that determine this, it is usually a judgment call on the part of the judge.For example, if the judge looks for the facts and believes that the person has enough income to repay their debts, then they will dismiss the filing. Keep in mind that many people file for bankruptcy simply to get out of paying their debts, and therefore the judges are very wary of granting this to just anybody.In addition to the judges personal decision, however, recent laws have been passed which give more clear requirement for whether or not you can file for chapter 7, or 13, which I will be covering later.First, your income is measured up to the average monthly income for a typical family in your state, and if your income is higher than that, you will have to go with chapter 13. If not, you can file for chapter 7, and as I said, this is the case for most bankruptcy filings.This is some brief information on who can file for chapter 7 bankruptcy, and now comes chapter 13, often times the preferred form among most people.

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