Buying a House After Bankruptcy – What to Expect


Are you considering filing for bankruptcy, but are concerned about how buying a house after bankruptcy works? Maybe you have already filed for bankruptcy and you want to know what to expect when you try to buy a home. There are ways to buy a house even if you have had a bankruptcy, but you need to know what to expect.First, when you file for bankruptcy you will ruin your credit. It will take a couple years to see your credit get back to a level that will allow you to even come close to purchasing a home. This is not a big deal because most banks and lenders will not even work with you until your bankruptcy is 2 years old or more anyway.Second, you will have to start saving right away. They will want to see a percentage around 20% that has been in your bank account for a couple of months. This will be your down payment. They will also want to see that you have around 2 to 4 months worth of bills saved and have had it saved for a couple of months as well.Last, you will not get the best interest rate or fees. You are considered a high risk when you have had a bankruptcy so lenders and banks are going to charge you a higher interest rate than someone that has not had any type of bankruptcy. This does not make buying a house after bankruptcy impossible, but it will make it more expensive.

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