Buying a House After Bankruptcy – Everything You Need to Know About Buying a House After Bankruptcy


If you are looking into buying a house after bankruptcy, this can obviously be somewhat of a difficult task, particularly if you want to take out a mortgage. If you happen to have the cash on hand that you need (as very few people do) then go for it-you don’t need this article.However, if you want to do it the smart way, by financing your purchase, you will need this information to help you find the best mortgage rate possible.The truth is, getting a decent after bankruptcy is very challenging, because very few companies are willing to give you money unless they do so at exorbitant fees. The best way to start out buying a house after bankruptcy is to find a company that specializes in lending people who’ve just filed for bankruptcy money, and focus solely on those.Yes, there are many companies that will give out money to just about anybody, but generally speaking, when you find a firm that only focuses on bankruptcy filers, you can get a better rate.For this process, I’d actually recommend hiring a loan broker versus doing it yourself. This company can look over your information and find out the loan companies that are willing to lend you money based on your situation.From there, they will generally send you the top three or four in your category you could potentially get money from, and therefore they take out all the research work from you. all you have to do is select from the companies you buy from.Obviously, hiring a broker costs a pretty penny, but can end up saving you some serious time and of course, ensure you find the best company to deal with.Also, if you have just filed for bankruptcy, you definitely should wait a minimum of a year or two, as this will ensure you get a reasonable interest rate, versus the sky high one you are guaranteed to pay by getting this loan immediately after bankruptcy.If for some reason your home was taken away during the bankruptcy process, and you need a place to stay immediately, either try to find a relative or fiend you who will take you in during the time period, or just accept that you will pay a very high interst rate, and get a loan immediately.I wouldn’t recommend doing this immediately after filing, if at all possible, but if you don’t have any other choice, this is what you have to do. Therefore, buying a house after bankruptcy is not impossible at all-in fact, there are many companies willing to lend you money. Just do some simple research, and you will find the best quickly and painlessly.

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